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How Much Do Acting Classes Cost at Maggie Flanigan Studio?


If you’re considering a career in the performing arts, understanding the financial commitment involved is crucial, especially when exploring NYC acting classes. This makes the question: “How much do acting classes cost?” a very common one among aspiring actors.

With costs varying significantly based on program type, school reputation, and location, this guide aims to clarify the expenses associated with different types of acting education. It also highlights what you can expect from various institutions, including our own—the Maggie Flanigan Studio.

At the Maggie Flanigan Studio, we prioritize transparency and strive to provide prospective students with comprehensive information to help them make informed decisions. Our goal is to outline the potential costs and benefits, ensuring you recognize the value of investing in a quality acting education in New York City.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the range of costs for various acting programs helps aspiring actors make informed decisions about their education and career path.
  • The location, type of classes offered, and the prestige of the institution significantly influence the overall cost and value of acting education.
  • Comprehensive training at institutions like Maggie Flanigan Studio equips students with the skills, experience, and networks necessary for success in the competitive acting industry.

Understanding the Cost of Acting Education

Students of Maggie Flanigan Studio practicing a scene.

The cost of acting classes is influenced by several key factors, each contributing significantly to the total financial commitment required. These factors shape the price as well as define the value of the training provided, impacting aspiring actors’ career paths and opportunities.

Location of the Acting School

One primary factor affecting cost is the location of the acting school. 

Institutions in  New York City—often referred to as the Big Apple—tend to be more expensive than those in smaller towns. This is largely due to the higher cost of living and the prestige associated with studying in cultural hubs that are closely linked to the film and theater industries. 

Additionally, the best-acting teachers in NYC have earned a nationwide reputation for training the very top of the acting profession.

Type of Acting Classes Offered

The format and specificity of acting programs vary greatly, each with its unique cost structure. Here are the three types of acting programs and their costs:

  • Group acting lessons: These are typically less expensive than private lessons and provide a communal learning environment. They are excellent for students looking to learn acting techniques and receive constructive feedback in a collaborative setting.
  • Private lessons: It’s important to know that it is not ideal to try and learn how to act only with private lessons. Private coaching is best used for auditions. That said, these lessons can offer personalized guidance to refine your acting skills. This makes them more costly but highly effective for those actors who are already seriously trained.
  • Online classes: Most popular during the pandemic, online classes allow students to learn from industry professionals remotely, offering a more affordable and flexible option compared to in-person classes. Despite their convenience, online courses will not provide the same level of experience as being in the room with fellow students and teachers. The online classroom has many limitations.

Curriculum and Program Intensity

Programs that include specialized classes such as Meisner acting, musical theater, or on-camera acting generally command higher fees due to their advanced and comprehensive training. 

The best in-person conservatory programs require a higher financial commitment due to their immersive and intensive nature. 

A full conservatory approach to actor training is the closest you can get to a graduate-level MFA experience. This would include classes in Voice, Movement, Chekhov, Cold Reading, Script Analysis, Theater History, Film History, Stage & Film Combat, Dialects, and Shakespeare.

These investments are often justified by the significant professional preparation and broad skill set they develop and reflect the industry standard when it comes to the kind of actors who work most consistently at the professional level.

Reputation and Faculty

An acting studio’s reputation depends a great deal on reputation and the quality of faculty. It’s important to read reviews, ask other actors and industry professionals about their opinions on the best schools, and take a look at the teachers each studio has compiled. 

The Maggie Flanigan Studio for example is led by Artistic Director & Master Teacher Charlie Sandlan, considered one of the most respected and accurate teachers of the Meisner Technique. The entire faculty works in unison with one another, holds the highest standards, and demands the best effort from every student. Any serious NYC acting program should provide no less. 

The reputation and networks available at these institutions can significantly enhance a student’s career prospects, making the higher costs a worthwhile investment for many.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

For students managing a budget, financial aid and scholarships can be vital. These financial supports make acting education more accessible, allowing talented individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue their training without the burden of prohibitive costs. 

Many acting schools offer various forms of aid, such as work-study opportunities or scholarship offers to qualified applicants. It’s important to know if you have the financial ability, and the income necessary to commit to a serious training program. You do not want to feel overwhelmed or incapable of paying your bill. NYC in particular is a challenging city, so it is important to have a stable financial situation.

How much do acting classes cost?

The Maggie Flanigan Studio offers an array of acting programs, each crafted to support the diverse ambitions and financial situations of aspiring actors. 

With unique focuses and distinct cost structures, our acting classes ensure that every student can find a program that aligns perfectly with their acting career objectives. 

This tailored approach helps emerging actors choose the pathway that best nurtures their craft and ambitions, providing a solid foundation for their future in the entertainment industry.

BARE Essentials Program

The BARE Essentials Program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio, priced at $8,400 per year for full payment, is an ideal starting point for aspiring actors and those interested in honing their foundational skills. 

This entry-level two-year acting conservatory program includes the essential courses  Acting I, Chekhov I, and Breathwork. 

We consider the combination of Meisner with the imaginative work of Michael Chekhov to be a wonderful way to develop a vivid, interesting, and compelling actor. Breathwork is an essential class that will provide a process for coming down from intense, emotional classes and rehearsals, helping to regulate the nervous system. 

Students in this program will come away with the bare minimum necessary to realistically pursue a professional acting career. 

Core Program

The first-year Core Program, available for  $16,400 per year when paid in full, offers a curriculum curated for students eager to engage in a more diverse, conservatory approach to professional actor training.

This Core Program includes a broad range of important classes including Acting 1, Voice & Speech 1& 2, Movement 1&2, Breathwork, Film and Theater History, as well as Chekhov 1. 

The Core Program has been designed to provide students an opportunity to rigorously train their entire creative instrument. 

A well-developed voice, a pliable and released body, as well as a deep understanding of the history of the acting profession, will make it easier to compete at a high professional level. This program provides the framework needed to be able to consistently create organic, vivid, fully realized human behavior.

Professional Actor Training Program (PATP)

Our most advanced acting program, the first-year PATP is priced at $17,400 per year for those who pay in full. This full-conservatory program offers every class at MFS and provides the most comprehensive curriculum training possible. The PATP is the closest thing you can get to a  MFA-level experience.

This two-year acting program is tailored for those who have the time and ability to commit fully to becoming a professional actor. It includes a wide range of intensive courses, such as Combat for Stage & Film, Dialects, Classical Text, and Shakespeare.

These acting classes are meticulously crafted to ensure actors are comprehensively prepared for a variety of roles. 

By integrating hands-on training with a solid understanding of dramatic arts, the PATP equips students with the skills required to excel in both stage and film. It provides them with substantial networking opportunities and the foundational knowledge essential for mastering the complexities of the acting profession.

Maggie Flanigan Studio: The Premier Choice in Acting Education

Investing in a high-quality acting education from a reputable acting studio like the Maggie Flanigan Studio can provide substantial returns on your investment. 

Our focused curriculum and dedicated acting coaches ensure that students master the fundamentals of acting and, most importantly, develop the refined skills necessary for standout performances in drama and film. 

The opportunity to work with esteemed casting directors and participate in workshops and scene studies enhances your visibility and credibility in the industry, significantly increasing your chances of success.

Take the first step towards a dynamic career in acting by choosing the Maggie Flanigan Studio, where your potential meets our expertise. 

With various program options and a supportive environment that fosters growth and fun, you are ready to begin a journey that molds you into a serious, well-rounded, professional actor. Don’t hesitate—call us today to learn more about how our programs can help elevate your acting career to the next level.


Understanding the costs and benefits of acting education is crucial for aspiring actors, and this blog provides an in-depth look at what you can expect when you invest in your acting career at the Maggie Flanigan Studio. 

From affordable group classes to rigorous professional programs, our premier acting studio offers a variety of training options to suit different needs and budgets. Each program is designed to enhance your skills, expand your network, and prepare you thoroughly for the demands of the acting industry. 

At the Maggie Flanigan Studio, we are dedicated to nurturing your talent and helping you achieve your dreams of becoming a distinguished actor in NYC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth taking acting classes?

Yes, taking acting classes is worth it for anyone serious about pursuing a career in acting. 

Classes provide essential training, help develop the craft, and offer opportunities to network with industry professionals, all of which are crucial for success in this competitive field. No one in the business will take a chance on you, or take you seriously otherwise.

How much does it cost to become an actor?

The cost to become an actor can vary widely based on the level and frequency of training, the prestige of the acting school, and the location. 

Costs can range from a few hundred dollars for a one-day workshop to hundreds of thousands for an advanced BFA or MFA degree. The full two-year conservatory PATP program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio would cost you $38,000.

Are acting lessons expensive?

Acting lessons can be expensive, particularly those from well-regarded schools in major cities like New York or Los Angeles. However, there are options for every budget, including group classes, workshops, and online courses that offer more affordable alternatives without sacrificing quality training. T

The Maggie Flanigan studio offers three program options that can fit your financial and time commitment needs.

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