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Chapter 1 Introduction

The 18-month acting program with the Maggie Flanigan Studio is a professional actor training program that prepares actors for long professional acting careers. In this video, Charlie Sandlan discusses the first ten weeks of the program.

Chapter 1 Description -18 Month Acting Program - Maggie Flanigan Studio

Chapter 1 Description -18 Month Acting Program – Maggie Flanigan Studio

Chapter 1 Introduction

Today, I wanted to talk here a bit about Chapter 1, the first third of Sanford Meisner’s first-year training. We are breaking it up into ten weeks, 20 classes. It does with the beginning repetition exercise is it gets out of your head, gets you into your hearts, where you get that place of the concentration off of yourself on to the other person or on to what you’re doing.

You’re going to learn how to do it under an imaginary circumstance, honestly. You’re going to learn how to listen. You’re going to learn how to hear what’s being said to you, to go from spontaneous moment to unanticipated moment. You’re going to know how to start to craft in a straightforward, specific, and personal way. How do you begin to compose an independent activity, a previous circumstance? How do you begin to start to use your ability to daydream and fantasize about your craft as an actor?

We’re going to get you to be spontaneous, to get you to act before you think on your intuitive impulses, which is rare. Your freedom and your talent and your uniqueness can come to the surface– your ability to be able to act before you think.

Then, we’re going to take all of that. We are going to bring it to what are the first round scenes so that you can learn how to improvise your way through a piece of text– how to be spontaneous, how to break out of line readings, how to break out of manipulating yourself emotionally to adjust to a line. We’re going to hurt you out of bad habits, and we’re going to begin to start to move you towards really creating a very truthful acting instrument.

Learn More About the Studio and the 18-month Acting Program

To learn more about the Maggie Flanigan Studio and the 18-month acting program (, visit the studio website’s acting programs page. Students who have questions about the program can call (917) 794-3878.

18 Month Meisner Acting Program

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