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First Round Scene

The 18 month acting program with the Maggie Flanigan Studio is an accelerated two year acting program which begins each January. In this short video Charlie Sandlan discusses the first round scene work that is at the end of the first ten weeks of the program.

First Round Scene - 18 Month Acting Program - Maggie Flanigan Studio

First Round Scene – 18 Month Acting Program – Maggie Flanigan Studio

Chapter 1, which is 10 weeks and 20 classes, it’s going to take you up through what are the first round scenes in the first year. The first seven to eight weeks of class, we are going to work on learning how to craft, learning how to work off another human being, sensitizing your instrument, beginning to sort of teach you how to listen to subtext, to respond for how you feel in every moment, getting you comfortable with conflict, and standing up for yourself. When we get you really good with that, when we get Meisner’s exercise really popping, what we are going to do, you see what Meisner did in his work, we’re going to apply it to scene.

Chapter 1 ends with the first round scene. We’re going to take everything we did in the first two months, and we are going to apply it to scenes so that you can get a stance of how to improvise your way through a piece of material, how to break out of bad habits, whether that is adjusting to the text, doing line readings, manipulating yourself emotionally in order to fit a line. These are all kind of bad habits that actors really struggle with. We’re going to get a sense of how to blow the lid off the conventionality of a scene so that you are finding the authentic, spontaneous way through a piece of material as opposed to something that is cliché, cookie-cutter, and not personal.

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Learn more about the 18 month acting program, as well as the other acting programs at the studio, by visiting the Maggie Flanigan Studio website. Students who have questions about the application process can call the studio with questions at (917) 794-3878.

Meisner 18 Month Acting Program

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