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Independent Activity

The 18 month acting program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio trains professional actors based on the Meisner technique. In this brief video Charlie Sandlan talks about the independent activity, which is key to beginning the Meisner work.

Independant Activity - 18 Month Acting Program - Maggie Flanigan Studio 03

Independant Activity – 18 Month Acting Program – Maggie Flanigan Studio

One of the key components to Meisner’s work, the first is the repetition, which many of you that are probably interested in Meisner have heard of. One of the key ingredients in the beginning of the work is what Meisner calls as independent activity. In acting, concentration is very important, and so, what I will teach you to do is to be able to get the place of concentration onto what you’re doing, how to really truthfully do. The definition of acting that Meisner used, that I use, really is, acting is the ability to do truthfully under imaginary circumstance.

The independent activity is going to do a couple of things. First, it’s going to teach you how to craft, how to craft in a very simple and specific and ultimately very personal way, and how to craft in a way that it is believable and acceptable to you so that you can live it out as if it were true. The independent activity is one of the more brilliant things that I think Meisner created with his work and his technique, and we will spend not just Chapter 1, but certainly in Chapter 2 and all through Chapter 3, working on an independent activity and teaching you how to craft.

The 18-Month Acting ProgramĀ Begins January 6th

Learn more about the independent activity and the Meisner training with Maggie Flanigan Studio, by visiting the acting programs page on the studio website ( Students who have questions about enrollment should call the studio at (917) 794-3878.

Meisner 18 Month Acting Program

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