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The Repetition Exercise

The 18 month acting program with the Maggie Flanigan Studio is a professional actor training program based on the work of Sanford Meisner. In this blog postĀ Charle Sandlan discusses how actors can learn to listen to another person and be more present in the moment.

18 month online acting program

18-Month Meisner Acting Program with Maggie Flanigan Studio 2021

The very beginning of Meisner’s work, which we started with in Chapter 1, is based off of Meisner’s Repetition exercise and it is a brilliant way to begin to start to get you out of your head. The value of the repetition is it’s going to start to teach you how to listen, it’s going to start to teach you how to really be present, how to be in the moment and it’s going to start to begin to sensitize your instruments so that your vulnerability, your humanity can begin to come to the surface. It’s a great tool because you don’t have to ever think about what to say.

You’re going to tune your hearing up to be able to hear sub text, to be able to respond to how another person is talking to you. Eventually, as we get towards the end of Chapter 1, we begin to start to remove the repetition so that you are responding personally for how you feel in every moment but the repetition is where we’re going to begin Chapter 1.

18 Month Meisner Acting Program: Apply Online

Actors who are interested in the 18 month acting program should visit the studio website ( to learn more about the acting program and complete the online application. Students who are interested in applying for admission can call the studio with questions. Call (917) 794-3878.

18 Month Meisner Acting Program

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