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Commercial Acting Class – Developing Characters Based on Distorted Personalities

When discussing identity and stereotypes, the term that must be discussed is distortion. The Meisner technique, along with other schools of acting, teaches that distortion is absolutely necessary for actors. Every performance, from film to reality shows, requires that actors distort the truth. If a distortion of the truth is done particularly well, it can actually make the actor see himself more clearly. This is, in reality, the job of the actor.

A commercial acting class along with other good acting classes teaches students that stereotypes are, in actuality, distortions of real personalities. They do play a large role when it comes to creating a character. They cannot, however, be allowed to take over the entire personality. Even a seemingly “cartoon-like” character who appears to be the definition of a stereotype must have layers of personality that add complexity. The most successful actors are able to create personalities that are opposites in many ways such as a comical character who has a tragic past.

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