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Commercial Acting Class – Great Acting Without the Suffering Stereotype

Despite the fact that Shia LaBeouf once stated that he was a “lonely dude”, it is doubtful that this feeling is shared by many other actors. This statement implies that his career forces him to make sacrifices. In 2006, he told The Washington Post that a true actor must be “brokenhearted”. It is quite possible that many professional actors would be quite offended by this statement. However, due to the popularized concept of the “suffering artist”, there were probably others who took his statement to heart.

As any good commercial acting class with teach you, a successful actor must consider human emotion and nature in any and every performance. However, an actor does not need to suffer in order to successfully perform in auditions and land meaningful roles. Is there a way for an actor to truly embrace and succeed in a role without becoming overly invested in the emotional turmoil involved?

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