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Commercial Acting Class – Stereotypes And Acting

Shia LaBeouf once said that, as an actor, he was a “lonely dude” but there is little evidence that many other actors share this feeling. The implication in this statement is that loneliness is a price that is paid by actors. In an interview for The Washington Post, he stated that a real actor must be, at least to a certain extent, “brokenhearted”. More likely than not, there were many actors who took offense to his assertion. However, due to the popularized concept of the “suffering artist”, there were probably others who took his statement to heart.

Any good commercial acting workshop does in fact teach actors that they must be sensitive to human nature and the sufferings that come along with that in order to be a successful and genuine actor. However, there is no reason for an actor to himself suffer in order to be able to succeed in an audition. Is there a way for an actor to truly embrace and succeed in a role without becoming overly invested in the emotional turmoil involved?

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