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Why Commercial Actors are the Best Actors

Bill Coelius teaches commercial acting classes at the Maggie Flanigan Studio in New York. In this video post, Bill explains the three reasons why commercial actors are often the best actors in the world.

the best commercial acting classes in New York - (917) 794-3878

The Best Commercial Acting Classes in New York – (917) 794-3878

Why Commercial Actors are the Best Actors in the World

I have been a working actor for over 20 years and have been teaching film, tv, and commercial acting for more than ten decades. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s those well-trained Meisner actors who also become commercial actors are the best actors in the world. I have three reasons why.


"A majority of professional, working SAG/AFTRA actors make their money doing commercials."

Bill CoeliusCommercial Acting Teacher

Have You Ever Tried to Love Toilet Paper?

I was on set once, and I saw a producer point at me, and comment to another producer, “It’s like he actually loves the toilet paper.” And I knew I had made it. Great acting is great acting. It’s taking imaginary circumstances and crafting them as real: to feel, to react to the moment, to listen. It’s no different on a commercial set. These are all the essential fundamentals that are instilled with the Meisner Technique. Different medium than say an intimate black box theater, but the work is the same. Falling in love with a paper product is the same as any of the themes Shakespeare tries out in his dramas: If you’re listening, If you’re reacting.

Sell Out with Your Heart Out

Commercial actors have made the promise to themselves to live as working actors. Not as a hobbyist, not as a judgmental artist (a stance sure to kill any artistic impulse), not as someone who is going to get to their art as soon as they quit their day job. A majority of professional, working SAG/AFTRA actors make their money doing commercials. I also get more commercial auditions than I do film and tv auditions. As a result, I get told no more often than other actors. My hide is thick, my self-worth high. I walk into every acting audition, as a new audition. Skills a hobbyist will never know.

Commercial Actors Go to the Doctor When They Want To

SAG/AFTRA union insurance is pretty damn good. Which, as I mentioned before, a majority of SAG/AFTRA working actors have because of their earnings from commercials. (Actors need to make a minimum amount every year to qualify.) My wife and I had a baby a while ago, well, my wife had a baby, I held her hand and watched, and the delivery cost us over 20k. Because of SAG/AFTRA insurance, it cost us 2k. I see an acupuncturist, get cheap medication for my asthma and know my daughter sees a good pediatrician. This is all because of commercials. How do you think this affects me when I walk into an audition room that is full of uncertainty, fear, and indecision? My life essentials are covered by my union, because of my work, and this creates a mindset for joy and risk, two of your greatest allies in the audition room. I become a world-class actor.

New York commercial acting classes - Maggie Flanigan Studio (917) 794-3878

New York Commercial Acting Classes – Maggie Flanigan Studio (917) 794-3878

More About Commercial Acting Classes at the Maggie Flanigan Studio

Learn more about the commercial acting classes and acting programs for serious actors by visiting the studio’s acting programs page ( ) or calling the studio at (917) 794-3878 with specific questions about our programs and schedules.

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