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Master Class Interview – Cristina Garcia Leon

The ten week Master Class with Maggie Flanigan is an advanced scene study class for professional actors who want to challenge themselves personally and reconnect with the fundamentals of their training. In this video Cristina Garcia Leon talks about her experience training closely with Maggie.

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Master Class for Actors – Maggie Flanigan (917) 794-3878

Why Did You Decide To Take Master Class?

I was decided to take the class because I found that I was auditioning and also booking work that wasn’t challenging. I felt that i was being pigeon-holed into roles that didn’t allow me to to show my full potential. I was starting to really build a muscle here at the studio that I wasn’t able to continue to flex in the industry. I felt that if I didn’t get back in front of Maggie I was going to lose all of that.


Maggie has the ability to identify your problem and to present the solution to you in a way that really resonates. If you have the opportunity to work with her, you would be a fool not to.

Cristina Garcia LeonStudio Alumni, Master Class

How Important Was It That The Class Was Small In Size?

Because the class was small in size we each had more time to present our work and to explore the challenges that we were facing in our work and we were able to learn from each other. It’s a group of really dedicated, talented actors. To see them work through a challenging scene and see them struggle and and to see them address the obstacles in those scenes, really helped me to learn how to power through some of those same problems.

What Was It Like To Work So Closely with Maggie In Class?

If you have the opportunity to work with Maggie, to continuously work with Maggie you’d be a fool not to because she just has such a wealth of experience and she just has such keen insight and such a discerning eye and also such a giving compassionate heart. She has the ability to identify your problem and to present the solution to you in a way that really resonates. She really gets to know you as an actor as a student and to have so much time in front of her, it really is a gift. I learned so much. I learned a lot with her when I was in the two-year program, that master class just gave me more time to go deeper. It was worth every every penny and then some.

What Did You Find Difficult About The Class?

Maggie made me challenge myself. She made us all face our challenges. She asked us before we started the class what scares you most so that we could actually work on that in the class. I chose a love scene because I find those the little terrifying, well not anymore but I did before going into class. I found those terrifying. It’s not the type of thing that I was being cast in. Its not the type of thing that I would submit for because I just felt they they don’t want my type. I’m a Latina of a certain age. I’m not skinny. They are not looking for me.

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Master Class for Actors – Cristina Garcia Leon – Maggie Flanigan Studio

So I had to confront all of that in class and the challenges of a love scene, the vulnerability that you have to show. Maggie created such a safe space. She gave me the confidence to put myself into this role rather than my idea of what the playwright might have thought or what a casting director might think would be right for the role but I put myself into the role. I learned that is really all I need.

Maggie has given me the tools on how to tackle the scene and I just have to have the confidence that I’m enough. I got that in class through one-on-one with Maggie.

How Did the Class Get You Back On Course with Your Career?

After working on a difficult love scene, I feel that I could do anything now. There was a lot of stuff that I would not submit myself for before because I just felt that I just wasn’t the right type. I thought they were looking for someone younger, they’re looking for someone less ethnic, they’re looking for someone skinnier. Because it doesn’t matter in Maggie class and because she she stresses that we bring ourselves to the role and we bring our best prepared self to whatever we are working on, I have a confidence now to just put that in front of a casting director or producer and challenge them to look at that role in a different way.

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