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What is the Master Class for Actors?

The Master Acting Class with Maggie Flanigan is an advanced scene study class created to help professionally trained and working actors. In this video Maggie explains the Master Class.

Acting Master Class with Maggie Flanigan

Acting Master Class with Maggie Flanigan (917) 794-3878

What is the Master Class?

The master class is a place for people to solve problems, to come in and say I need to work on this particular problem. If it is coming from a conservatory training, perhaps you don’t always get to solve every problem that you have. So it’s a place to expand your repertoire.


"In the business you can get jaded, you can get turned off and become frightened of criticism. You need to make sure you're open and willing to take chances."

Maggie FlaniganArtistic Director, Master Teacher

The master class is a place that if you didn’t get to work on comedy you can do that and feel like you are in a safe place. It is the same thing if you have not done dramatic work fully, to get comfortable in that. It is also a great place to learn to solidify your crafting to create behavior because that’s the job of the actor is to create behavior. You have to create a pattern of behavior for the character. You could also be taking for granted the fundamentals of acting, not really listening not really entering, not really fully responding, not crafting in a way that’s personal, really personal and organic.

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Many respected professional actors consider the Maggie Flanigan Studio to be one of the best acting schools in New York and one of the top acting schools NYC. For more information about the Master Class for Actors at the Maggie Flanigan studio, as well as other professional training programs and acting classes at the studio, call (917) 794-3878.

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