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Renowned Acting Studios in NYC Accepts M-1 Class Visa Students

New York City, New York (Updated, September 21, 2016) – Maggie Flanigan Studio, one of the most renowned acting studios in NYC, is now accepting applications for international students who wish to undergo professional actor training at one of the best NYC acting schools. The studio is authorized under federal law to enroll international M-1 class visa students and have them trained in the craft of acting.

Qualified applicants who wish to study acting at the Studio and NYC Acting School can now join and work alongside their American peers as they learn to develop their talent and hone their craft. Interested applicants must first meet all requirements in order to be admitted.

Depending on the classes the student will take, the annual international student tuition ranges from $7,000 to $9,000, apart from the minimum $8,000 living expenses of the average resident in NYC. Applicants should be able to submit proof of ability to pay for their classes and living expenses. International students are not allowed to work while staying in the US therefore, the applicant must provide proof of their anticipated source of income. This can be either a bank statement or letter from a parent, guardian, or sponsor that confirms sufficient financial support to the applicant during their term of study. Applicants should also provide a clear scanned copy of their passport, current artistic and/or professional resume, and color photograph. All the required documents should be in English and the currency in USD.

international students at maggie flanigan studio M1 Visa

All prospective students should visit the Maggie Flanigan Studio website for information regarding class descriptions and structure. If they wish to apply, the first step is to upload, in PDF format, all required materials asked of them in the online application, including payment of a $25 application fee ( After receiving all necessary documents, applicants will be contacted by a Studio Assistant to schedule an interview. For those located overseas, the Studio is happy to hold telephone interviews. If accepted, the applicant must confirm their place in class by paying the current registration fee and the first month’s tuition (please contact the studio for more details), plus the Maggie Flanigan Studio visa processing fee of $100 and SEVIS fee of $200. Upon receiving the I-20, the applicants can then get the M-1 visa from the American Consulate in their respective countries.

Individuals who are determined to become serious actors must consider a professional acting class in NYC. Since 2001, the Maggie Flanigan Studio has been offering classes to those who wish to explore their craft and express themselves truthfully using the Meisner technique. The carefully chosen faculty and the MFA-based program assure students of receiving quality education and training.

For more information on the curriculum, visit  today.

About Maggie Flanigan Studio:

Talented young artists have been studying at the Maggie Flanigan Studio since its foundation in 2001, and have been rigorously trained using the technique that Sanford Meisner developed for actors. The Studio trains those who have the talent and dedication to master their craft in a challenging yet supportive environment. The Studio is the ideal setting for theater artists, playwrights, cinematographers, working actors, and directors to come together to strengthen their work. The Maggie Flanigan Studio is best known for being New York City’s Home for the Serious Actor.

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