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NYC Acting Classes Maggie Flanigan Studio Alumni Talks about His Training and Movie Role

New York City, New York (November 26, 2013) – Maggie Flanigan Studio alumni Michael Oberholtzer shares how his training and experience led to landing a part in the movie “Delivery Man.” The actor, who took Maggie Flanigan Studio’s NYC acting classes nine years ago, had a small role in Vince Vaughn’s latest comedy film as one of his sons.

In Delivery Man, Vaughn plays the role of an easygoing underachiever who unknowingly fathered more than 500 children in a fertility clinic where he anonymously donated his sperm 20 years ago. Now, nearly a hundred of them are filing a lawsuit to find out who their biological father is, and one of them is a grocery store bagger named Kyle Walters, played by Michael Oberholtzer. He had an improvised scene with Vaughn, who later told him that he had liked his work. For Oberholtzer, watching Vaughn work on set was a real learning experience. 

Oberholtzer’s interest in acting began at a young age. When he was in middle school, he participated in plays and in a basement “TV show” with his friend. He followed his mentors’ and teachers’ advice to further his actor training after college and, a week before graduation, decided to enroll in the Six-Week Summer Intensive at Maggie Flanigan Studio in NYC. After the Summer Intensive, his talent was recognized and Oberholtzer enrolled in the Maggie Flanigan Studio Two-Year Full-time Conservatory Program. 

The Maggie Flanigan Studio Six-Week Summer Intensive starts mid-June and serves as an introduction to MFA-caliber training in the Meisner technique. The Maggie Flanigan Studio Full-time Conservatory Program, includes Acting, Voice&Speech, Movement, Shakespeare, Monologue, Cold Reading, On-Camera Film&TV, a comprehensive Professional Business Program, and more.

Maggie Flanigan is the Artistic Director and Master Teacher of the studio. Charlie Sandlan is the Excutive Director and Senior Acting Teacher. Students who take their renowned acting classes in New York are taught the Meisner technique, and are also given individual attention as they are trained to become professionals in the industry. Actors who are interested in Meisner’s work may apply and interview at the Maggie Flanigan Studio for professional MFA-based training that will help them develop their talent and improve their craft.

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About Maggie Flanigan Studio:
Founded in 2001, the Maggie Flanigan Studio has been the setting for an arduous yet inspiring conservatory-based acting program for those who wish to become professional actors, trained in the Meisner technique. The faculty believes that acting is a creative art and excellence in this regard can be achieved through mastery of the craft.

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