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Maggie Flanigan Studio Announces Reopening and Two Year Acting Program Registration

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Maggie Flanigan Studio
Updated September 7, 2021

NEW YORK, Updated September 7, 2021 /PressAdvantage/ Maggie Flanigan Studio, an acting academy in New York, NY, is happy to announce that the studio is reopening its in-person instruction with the grand reopening set for September 15, 2021. Registration is now open for one of the top two year acting programs in New York City that is being offered by the acting studio. After being forced to shut down temporarily its in-person training as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, they had to move to the virtual space. Nevertheless, the studio persevered by adapting its classes to ensure that it will continue to be the premier source of instruction for the Meisner acting technique.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio’s two year in-person program is designed to teach the Meisner Technique of acting, which is actually a revolutionary approach that was named after the legendary actor and teacher Sanford Meisner.


"We have an opportunity to rebirth our creative lives. If you have been sitting on a dream, keeping it dormant, waiting for a time to roll the dice on yourself, the time to start a new chapter is now."

Charlie SandlanExecutive Director, Master Teacher

Charlie Sandlan, Executive Director and Head of Acting at Maggie Flanigan Studio, says, “The last year and a half has tested the world’s resiliency. It has been most devastating for performers, students, crew members, and the small businesses that are responsible for most of the serious arts training in cities across the US for our artistic community. We needed to reimagine our idea of theater, performance, and the classroom. As we collectively move forward to in-person collaboration, we have an opportunity to rebirth our creative lives. If you have been sitting on a dream, keeping it dormant, waiting for a time to roll the dice on yourself, the time to start a new chapter is now. Rarely are we given an opportunity to start again. It’s scary and requires a leap of faith but don’t let this next chapter be wasted.”

The core of the two year acting program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio is the Meisner Technique. The is a method of training actors that is based on the truth and the imagination of the artist. It begins with a very basic Meisner repetition exercise that is designed to sharpen the actor’s ability truly listen, answer, and respond.

During the first year that is made up of more than nine months of training, the work of the students evolves into a very rich improvisational Meisner exercise that includes all the fundamentals of acting. The actor is asked to bring this work to three rounds of scenes during the first year of training. This is essential because if the actor is unable to bring the fundamentals to scene work, the exercise is actually useless. Furthermore, the actor will learn how to determine the previous circumstance of a scene, how to establish an emotional connection with it, and how to develop an acting relationship. The capability to act truthfully even under imaginary circumstances is the standard that actors need to strive to achieve.

The second year of training provides the actor with tools to hone his or her character work, which is the highest form of acting. This means the actor is able to step into the shoes of another person and elucidate the human condition in every aspect. Script interpretation and character development is the heart of the second year of the acting training. Another key part of the second year of training is teaching the actor about the rehearsal process and what will be expected of the actor professionally.

The goal of the two-year acting program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio is to instill in the person a way of acting that will function as the foundation of their talent. As such, the Maggie Flanigan Studio is willing to accept all students who have a truly serious desire to develop their craft as professional actors, who would like to get more than just acting lessons in New York City. The studio is focused on meeting the highest professional standards and students are expected to be capable of working within a creative environment that is constantly requiring artistic excellence.

Those who are interested in learning more about the 2 year acting programs can check out the Maggie Flanigan Studio website, or contact them on the phone or through email.

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