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Master Class with Maggie Flanigan: Irene Rivera Interview

The Master Class at the Maggie Flanigan Studio is a small and selective advanced scene study class taught by Maggie Flanigan. In this video Irene Rivera talks about her decision to take the class and after completing the two year acting program.

Why Did You Decide To Take Master Class with Maggie Flanigan?

I decided to take the master class with Maggie’s because I knew that it was exactly what I needed at this point in my career. I was taking industry workshops, and I was auditioning as much as possible, but I wasn’t getting the creative satisfaction that I wanted. After coming out of this training program you want to dive into these works, and you want to practice your craft, and sometimes it’s a lot harder to do that once you’re out of school. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get my juices flowing and my artistry back on track.

How Important Was It That The Class Was Small In Size?

Having a small class was fantastic because Maggie gave each one of us the time of day. She was very particular with her notes. She knew exactly what to tell you, exactly what you needed to hear it and we all about to work for every single class, and we got to listen to the notes that she was giving everybody else and not feel rushed. It was a very comfortable setting. You get to know the other actors in the room, and it’s very supportive.cIt’s such a small intimate setting that you can’t find anywhere else.

What Was It Like To Work So Closely with Maggie In Class?

Maggie is a gem. She’s the best. Being able to work with her one want to come to her one-on-one, it’s a gift. You can’t buy that kind of thing. She is so honest and genuine with every single one of us. I feel comfortable coming to her about my struggles and about any of the questions that I’m having with the work. That is not something I can say about anybody else. She just grounds you as a person. She will look you straight in the eye, and she will go right into your heart and give you what you need. So having that one-on-one is so special. I email her when I can’t see her face-to-face, and she gets back to me. She is just wonderful. If you have a chance to work with her, you have to do it.


Masterclass with Maggie rejuvenated my artistry. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get my juices flowing and my artistry back on track.

Irene RiveraStudio Alumni

What Did You Find Difficult About The Class?

There are a lot of difficulties in the masterclass. The work mainly is tough. She is going to give you something that’s going to push you to grow, to push you outside of your comfort zone. She did it for me. I was given a scene from “Enemy of the People, ” and she gender bent the roles. “Why is she doing this to me?” It was incredible because I got to work on this side of myself that I wasn’t comfortable working on. I thought in the beginning, “That’s just not my point of view” and I found out that maybe could be my point of view if I just look at it differently. Now, whenever I look at other roles or other characters that I’m working on, I remember working on that scene and I remember how I felt in this empowering character. I’m able to bring that now to other work now. That is priceless.

How Did the Class Get You Back On Course with Your Career?

Masterclass rejuvenated my artistry. It reminded me about the fundamentals, about listening, about being honest, being spontaneous, being pure and willing to take a risk. It’s just felt so good to work with somebody who spoke the same language as me, someone who respected the work as much as I did. It just lit me back on fire. I was ready to go back into the next audition room because I have worked on the sides of myself that I forgot about, honestly. When she’s giving another one, I plan on being right back in there.

Acting Master Class with Maggie Flanigan

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