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What Type of Actor Should Take the Master Class?

[Updated 03/12/18. Master Class for Actors with Maggie Flanigan begins 03/28/18.] Master Class is an advanced scene study class taught by Maggie Flanigan. In this video Maggie talks about who the Master Class is for and how it can benefit working actors.

Is the Master Class Right for All Actors?

The Master Class is for a number of people, experienced actors, people who have gotten out of a training program that they did very well in but need to work on things that were not covered. Because you only do a limited amount of scenes, Spoon Rivers, and you might need more work in a certain area.


"It is important for actors to continue to work on themselves as an artist. It is easy to become jaded and frightened of criticism."

Maggie FlaniganArtistic Director, Master Teacher

Master Class is for actors who want to expand their repertoire, they’ve not done comedic work or they are not comfortable in it. They are afraid to do it. The same with dramatic work. They feel the joy is gone. They are afraid of working through the experience. They don’t feel that they are fully alive as they were in a particular play. They go on to the next play and they do not feel alive. So it has to do with working on the process, crafting, learning and making sure you are crafting in an organic, personal way. You are making sure that you are not taking the fundamentals for granted, so that you are really listening, you are really responding and really open. You are really available. You are working in a vulnerable way so that things can come in to you and you can respond in a personal way.

Why Should Trained Actors Take This Class?

Actors always need to work on themselves. As actor you don’t take a class forever, you take it for a limited amount of time. It’s important for actors to continue to work on themselves, work on themselves as an artist, treating themselves like an artist. In the business you know if you can get jaded, you can get turned off, you’re frightened of criticism. You need to make sure you’re open and really willing to take chances, really willing to explore a character. You can work on a part that you would love to work on that may never work on or they never work on for ten years. Such as Street Car Named Desire, working on Blanche DuBois. You won’t get the full character and in 10 weeks but you can begin to get the essence of the character. You could work on Hedda Gabler. These are wonderful parts to work on.

So you won’t get it fully but you make it a lot of it and that would be very exciting.

master class for actors - maggie flanigan studio

Why Is This An Ideal Class For Working Actors?

This class is a place to isolate a problem having freedom to make mistakes and freedom to return to the basics. If you have been working a lot we can take the fundamentals for granted. We think they are second nature and they’re really not. You can be indicating when you really should be doing. You should be truthfully responding even though it may not fit what you think the part is. In that truthful response may be a more appropriate response because it is coming from you.

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Learn More About the Master Class

For more information about Master Class with Maggie Flanigan and other acting classes at the studio call (917) 794-3878.

Master Class for Actors

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